Toddler Art (Ages 4-5)​
for 2021





3:50pm to 4:50pm

1 sessions $40 

(Including Material fee)

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It is very crucial to expose children to art at an early age. It will develop not only their artistic mind, but also develop other parts of their body.

Before kids learn to read and write exposure to the arts enables them to express representative and abstract thinking. loryartschool will encourage kids to learn and to see things through a lens that is uniquely theirs.

 “Creativity in and of itself is important for remaining healthy, remaining connected to yourself and connected to the world” says Christianne Strang


Refine art techniques, develop your own artistic voice, and build their critical thinking problem solving skills.

Art activities include drawing, painting, collage, mixed media and more.

Sensory Art           Explores children's five senses through art.

                                Experiment with mixing colors and demonstrate the various ways

                                That all materials  can be used creating art.

Self-Oriented Art   Toddlers create their own ideas by subject.

(Self directed Art)  Some kids are willing to make their own creation followed by their                                         imagination. Assist kids to lead their intuition.

Therapeutic Art      Healing the emotions of young children are very crucial in these day.

                                Process of making art can heal and comfort kids sensitivities.


Story Illustration -  Kids love to make their own story and the story goes on and on.                                              Challenge and encourage kids to illustrate and make their own story!

                               They will proud of themselves. Create a picture story through art!