Lory Art School Summer Camp for 2020


Do you want to experience the wonder and exciting moment that your child feels in Summer?


We are now accepting registration for 2020 Summer camp

(Unique, cozy place and Small group of kids)




Half day: 9:30am-12:30pm (Mon-Fri) $300

Full day: 9:30am-2:30pm (Mon-Fri) $450

(including all materials)

No refunds/no make-up classes after session begins



Session 1. (07/06-07/10) Creating fun pieces of art with my own story

We will use our imaginative thinking combined with beautiful drawing, painting, and installation. Students will be able to add some memories that are special to them. Such as a family trip!


Session 2. (07/13-07/17) Clay kingdom House Making

If your kids love clay, Lory Art School is the place! Your kids will enjoy constructing their own clay kingdom all from their noggin! They will use other materials like wooden, beads, cardboard and fabric etc. They will be exposed to use all different art technique such as carving, and molding.


Session 3. (07/20-07/24) 3D city adventures

Students will have the opportunities to use materials from everyday objects to natural materials based on their creative ideas. The students will be using perspective, and  geometry to make their cities as realistic as possible. 


Session 4. (07/27-07/31)Drawing a Cartoon World

Kids will be exposed to various drawing materials such as color pencils, charcoal, pastels and markers to enhance their drawing abilities. Also they will learn how to draw Animation characters. Then they will be a creator of a cartoon world.


Session 5. (08/03-08/07)Painting masterpieces!

Kids will learn to properly handle common painting supplies like, watercolor, acrylics and other material depending on their subjects. They will be introduced to self-portrait paintings, abstract paintings, still life paintings and more.


Session 6. (08/10-08/14)Making my own book

From my own experiences, I have learned that kids have a vivid sense of imagination, and your child will too! With their minds bursting full with ideas, we will provide blank books (aka Bare Books) for them to fill in. 




Session 7: (08/17-08/21)Cuddle Buddies!

Cuddle buddies will be your personal little buddy. This class will show kids the designing and creating process. They will be sketching a design, and use fabric and other addends to fabricate their own animals, monster and others! 

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