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Signature Signs!

Isn't this just beautiful? I sure think so! If you think so too, read on!

You will need:

  • Wood. We used Jumbo Popsicle sticks and cut the edges off.

  • Fake flowers

  • Clear drying glitter paint. We used Laurdiy's glitter fabric paint.

  • Small rocks

  • sharpie

  • and string!

How to make it:

  1. First, paint over the rocks or shells over in glitter paint. Make sure you don't weigh the sign down.

  2. Next, get your Popsicle sticks and cut the edges off.

  3. Then, glue them together with hot glue. Hot glue IS hot so make sure to have adult supervision!

  4. Write anything you want on it. You do you!

  5. Lastly, hot glue the decorations on the sign.

  6. TADA! You got yourself a beautiful sign. Made by YOU!

If you want to make the double sided sign, just repeat the steps on the other side!

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