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Road-trip Hacks

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

As you know, it's clearly summer time. So, many people like to travel or go on road trips. I'd like to share some useful hacks and crafts when going on a fun road trip. Lets go!

Create a packing list!

I promise you, creating a packing list is so helpful! When you create a packing list, it helps you to see what you need, and don't need to bring.

Create a fun experience in the car!

If you're with kids, you should encourage them to have some fun without being to much of a distraction. My kids and their friends like to create a cozy area in the back. Almost like a small apartment. Let them customize their own little area. Our kids like to use blankets and pillows. Some small thing to bring are some snacks, electronics, and anything that makes them feel like home! Just a small piece of advice, make sure they don't cover the rear view mirror. Remember, safety first!

Tic-Tac-Toe on the go!

This simple game is a classic and easy to make from scratch. If you scroll down, you'll see the directions accompanied with a few pictures!


  1. Grab 2 packs of Post-its. Make sure they are different colors.

  2. Next, cut them into 3 strips.

  3. Then, cut the strips in halves. Keep the sticky side. Do this until you get six counters.

We did 2 1/2 cm for the width, and 3 cm for the length

4. When you have your pieces, draw the X's on one color, and O's on the other

5. When you have done that. Bring in the card stock. We used an empty box. Cereal boxes work great too. Make sure all the game board pieces fit with a little area left over.

6. Tape the back neatly with masking tape covering any unnecessary things.

7. then draw the lines on the game board.

8. The second to last step is to decorate!

9. Finally, place the Tic-Tac Toe pieces on

the board, and zip everything in a zip-lock bag.

10. Something you can add is cut a strip from a post-it and use it to mark the winner.

Since we, too, are going on a couple of road trips, we'll keeps you updated with more hacks and crafts!

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