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Happy Birthday Earth! 4/22/19

Welcome to another post of the L.A.S blog! Today, April 22, is Earth Day! As we know, the earth is out home. And we have to clean up our home after we make a mess. Don't we? So, to help out our home, we suggest trying out these down below!

Trash Pickup!

Did you know, that there is a patch of garbage? Right in the middle of our ocean? Yes! It's true and real. It is called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and is bigger than the state of Texas! It's made up of plastic water bottles, to yogurt cups and straws. Some of ends up turning in to little micro plastics. Micro plastics a small broken down parts of something bigger (plastic). And not only does it decompose in the sea, animals can end up being stuck in it, or even eating it. We know, it's some big devastating news. And, not only is it happening in our oceans, it's happening in forests and land too! But to help a small part of this, you can go to your closest beach, river, or lake, and try to pick up some garbage. Or, if you can't, just picking up some flying trash such as a plastic bag!

This is an art school blog, isn't it? So, we're going to add a fun craft you can do at home, or outside. Let's GO (or read in your case)!

Plant Abstract

You will need:

  1. Some plants. We used flowers!

  2. Paint! Any color will do!

  3. Paper!

  4. some newspaper to cover up the surface. The floor, desk, etc.

  5. An adult to watch you!

  6. a container. Make sure to wash out the container for other using!


  1. Cover the surface area that you will be working on.

  2. Get your container. Make sure it is washable!

  3. Slowly pour some paint into the cup. Not to much because we don't want to waste.

  4. Then dip your plant into the paint,

  5. Now, stamp it on to your paper!

  6. TADA! Now you are finished and have abstract art!

Sites we used:

Great Pacific Ocean Patch: https://response.restoration.noaa.gov/about/media/how-big-great-pacific-garbage-patch-science-vs-myth.html

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