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Do It Yourself! 4/21/14

Pom Poms

Hi! For today, we'll be showing you how to make these wonderful, fluffy, and cute buddies. POM POMS! These small balls of fur can spruce up anything! Well, almost anything. So, continue reading to find out how to make your OWN pom pom buddy!

You'll Need:

  1. A ball of yarn!

  2. Your hand or card stock

  3. A scissor. Make sure to have adult supervision because they can get sharp!

  4. This one and the next is totally optional! Glue

  5. And lastly, (This goes along with 4.) something to decorate!


  1. Get the yarn and slowly start to wrap it around your hand or card stock. If you are going to use your hand, make sure to make it tight, but loose enough to take your hand out when you are done.

  2. 50 times should be enough! Once you are done, cut a small piece of the yarn, and tie it around your yarn bundle. Real tight!

  3. then, let go of the bundle once it is securely tied.

  4. Next, spread the yarn out a bit forming it into a circular shape.

  5. Lastly, neaten up the edges and even it out with a scissor. (cutting the soon to be pom pom)

  6. Now you're done!

Easter bonus!

Happy Easter everyone! For a small bonus, we decided to tell you how to make your own little pom pom bunny!

  1. First up, take a pom pom. White should be good!

  2. Next, grab something white and that is sturdy. Cut them into bunny ear shapes. Then color in some of the ear with pink to make the ears. For people with crafty hands, you can cut out ear shapes from empty cereal boxes, paint them white, and glue on some pink insides

  3. Then, (make sure to have adult supervision) get a hot glue gun, or any strong glue, and glue on the 2 bunny ears.

  4. Lastly, and some googly eyes, or whatever!

  5. TADA! Now you have a cute little Easter bunny!

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