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Rain, Rain, Go Away... 4/18/19

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

Ever heard this song? I sure have! In some ways, rain can be fun! Puddles to mud cakes and more. But sometimes, rain can be no fun. Such as harsh storms complete with lightning and thunder. So, we're here to show YOU what you can do inside and outside on a rainy day.

Making a boat!

This might sound weird to your ears. Huh? A boat? We mean a small one. This activity is a hands on activity, and will increase creativity. Just note, this is a trial and error, so some youngsters may NOT be happy. Also, just make sure that it is safe to go outside!

You will need:

  • Rain! If there is a stream of water heading down hill, that should be awesome! If you can find a drain with water, go for it! Any body of water will do.

  • Materials. We recommend, Cardboard, duct tape, plastic straws, paper, and just plastic. This a experimental art project, so have fun!

  • A pencil, or pen to record your weakest points, and what you should do to improve it.

  • A piece of paper.

  • And a supervisor just in case!

And now, you're ready!

Colorful Rain

If it is raining outside, why not make it rain inside? But with a twist. Make it colorful! Here, read more, and we'll show you!

To Do This You Need:

  • Water

  • A cylinder glass.

  • Shaving cream

  • And food coloring!


  1. Get your glass, and pour some water. Leave some space for the... "clouds". The water will be your sky

  2. Fill the top with shaving cream! Here is your big poofy cloud!

  3. Now, add drops of food coloring and wait for it to rain.

  4. TADA! Now look at the wonderful rain!

Colorful rain!

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