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Baking Explosion!

As you may know, the baking soda and vinegar is a classic. Although it may smell bad, it is somewhat fun. Now, fellow scientists we must begin!

*Just a small spoiler, the "explosion" will create a mess, so even if it creates joy for the kids, make sure to put something underneath the volcano*

You will need:

  • Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda)

  • Dilute Acetic Acid (vinegar)

  • Air dry clay

  • Paint


*this project may take up to a week depending on how fast the clay, and paint drys*

  1. Grab a ball of air drying clay. Then make a vase like form. Make sure it has a hole big and long enough for an "explosion". This will be your volcano

  2. After the volcano has dried, you can paint it like an actual volcano

  3. once the paint dried, you can now start adding the ingredients.

  4. Now, add a spoonful of baking soda. We recommend putting it in first.

  5. Then, add the vinegar around 2/3 of the volcano.

  6. Lastly, watch the eruption!

*This is optional, but if you want the cool red lava, you can add a few drops of food coloring

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