Testimonials from our friends...

We are so thankful for Lory Art school! Our oldest daughter loves drawing anime. Our daughter is learning to use colors and blending colors! That is a big deal for us! Our daughter is getting confident and expanding her creativity as well as improving fine motor skills. She is becoming more open minded to try new things!
Thank you! Thank you! Our daughter finds her little piece of heaven every time she goes to the studio. Our daughter struggles with many things due to autism and anxiety. Art has become her safe space ♥️ We love Lory Art School!

S. Byrne

My daughter took the one week painting camp and loved it! She had a great time learning how to draw and paint while creating a storybook project. She also wrote a created 3-D diagrams using different materials that went along with the themed project. I thought it was a great idea and she enjoyed her time meeting new friends in a small friendly environment.

H. Han