Basic Art (4th-10th Grade)



3:50pm -5:20pm

$50 per one and half hour session

Students will be given guided projects and exercises that will cover the use of line, tone (light and shadow), spaces (negative and positive), and relationships (perspective, proportion, etc.). Students will work with graphite, charcoal, marker, soft pastel, and colored pencil. Students will also learn about and implement painting techniques of famous artists using watercolor, acrylic, pastel, and other related materials.

3 D Art - This class will focus on creating the physical body of a doll, creature, figure sculpted in paper clay on an armature made by the student. Attention to facial features and detail in the body parts in context of a story the maker wishes to tell. 

Acrylic Paint - Work in the complicated yet simple to learn medium of acrylics. This acrylic art class is designed to master the limitations of the medium while exploring various techniques. Acrylics is a great class for beginners or for those looking to explore 


Watercolor-The curriculum allows for work in landscapes, portraits, animals and abstracts.  This class caters to all skill levels.  

Graphic Novels - Tell your own story from start to finish. Learn the techniques of character development, world building, and effective story telling and so much more. The goal will be to create a finished book along with completing integral secondary projects like character sheets, covers and timelines.

Photoshop and Ilustration- Focus on practical and professional graphic design projects for today’s world while covering a wide spectrum of design skills in Adobe Photoshop.

Watercolor- Students will learn the classical techniques to build their skills in watercolor painting. As they progress, they will be able to learn different styles, and new uses of color and modern techniques. 

We focus on learning basic skills in combination with other fields such as writing.

They can strengthen their problem-solving and critical thinking skills, which helps to increase their overall academic achievement and success in school.

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