About Us

Lory Art School Philosophy is Explore your Creativity through Art


Students work with the materials that interest them the most. It is not about the final product. It is about the process it takes to get there. Open-ended Art is brainstorming ideas with no certain destination in mind.  Creativity in art flows into all aspects of life; emotionally, psychologically and educationally

Lory Art School was founded and established in 2010, in Harrington Park, New Jersey.

At Lory Art School it is our mission to recognize, affirm and support everyone’s emerging individuality, and help strengthen a sense of self through art-making.

Our students, ranging from preschoolers to adults, are all given an in-depth, age appropriate foundation in the principals and techniques of the creative process in an environment that is warm, educational and fun. Our programs encourage students to think outside the box, grow in creativity, and express themselves confidently. 

We value creativity, love, and passion. Learn about our Programs by clicking here!

We use premium quality artist materials, so at a young age the students experience rich colors, unusual textures and a variety of unique materials. Our teaching philosophy is for everyone to be able to use their creativity to explore the subjects that interest them and for our teachers to provide the safe and structured environment to support their exploration. All students will receive one on one instruction.  Class sizes are limited to ensure quality attention. You will learn a unique balance of artistic technique, while discovering the freedom of our authentic self-expression.  


We focus on making art as a learning process and building student’s self-esteem.


We encourage students to be imaginative with everything. We want to give students opportunities to explore, create, discover and play.


We have found that giving children less direction allows them to be more creative.


We truly believe that children are unconsciously learning through play. They are building on the creativity already within by coming up with new ideas, and exploring their ideas more seriously through the process of making art thus, causing them self-esteem to blossom which gives students the capability to explore their creativity in other fields.